The World Is Your Pearl

by B & Company

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released September 27, 2013

Written and Produced: Brandon "B" Barker

B: Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Piano, Harmonica, Djembe, Percussion
Daniel Hansen: Drums (Tracks 5, 7, 10)
Jyaia Love: Vocals (Tracks 5, 10)
Lauren Begent: Violin, Vocals (Tracks 4, 9)
Louis Alexander: Banjo, Flute, Vocals (Tracks 5, 6, 8)
Nick Romer: Trumpet (Tracks 6, 7, 10)
Repo Von Kramm: Megaphone, Typewriter (Track 8)
Right Star: Electronic Beat (Track 11)

Recorded and Mixed: John Parker Harris & Stephen Davis
Mastered: Stephen Davis
Original Artwork: Dorothy Miller
Layout/Graphic Design: Karen Neverland
Photography: Sara Tiger



all rights reserved


Simply B Salt Lake City, Utah

"B" Barker is a multi-instrumental looping artist out of Salt Lake City, UT.

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Track Name: It's All Jesus
It’s All Jesus

What would you do if I pointed your gaze
in the direction of the finish line?
Would you smile back and wave?
What would you say
if we danced in Light’s shadow
with the Goddess of the Rain?
Nothing can change.

Nothing could stand in our way.
A single grain of sand
clogged in the cogs of your wristwatch
I’m battening your eyelashes,;
hit the floor,
so we can rest in peace just once more.

If you are coming inside,
please leave your baggage at the door.
Wipe your feet and proceed
to make yourself comfortable.
I expect nothing, nothing just you.
Now it’s up to us to define
the true value of two.

What would you learn
if you had to start over from
the place of your birth?
Would it have been well worth your while?
And would you smile
if God took a walk in your shoes for a mile,
and showed you what it’s like
to finally act like a child?

Nothing could stand in our way.
I’m just trying to find a better place
to rest my mind for awhile.
If you could please show me the way;
Nothing could stand in our way.
Track Name: Demon-Friend

If you allow me to get under your skin,
I guess that that means you've let me win.
Because you’ll never get inside my head.
That is my own private place where your kind is banned.

And it’s not right for you to try to condescend.
That demon inside of you may one day be your only friend

So, now, you can barely stand,
as you slowly suffocate within Her hand.
It’s not so easy to find water in this land.
Oh no, not when all you can taste is sand

And it’s not right for you to try to condescend.
That demon inside of you may one day be your only friend.
Track Name: Souls Like Fireflies
Souls Like Fireflies

I try to keep in mind that my soul’s in rhyme
with the world around me everlasting time.
People try to tell me that I don’t belong,
when I've felt that way since the day I was born.

That’s OK. I live my life my own way.
I don’t care what they've got to say.
You can keep that blissful ignorance
I'll push passed it with a perseverance.

What do you think that you've got on this?
I get by with a copacetic-ness.
That is my own form of bliss,
and it sure beats the hell out of lack of sense.

Well, I don’t know what’s come over me.
What you get is not what you seek.
You can search for eternity endlessly,
but that life in now and forever over to me.

Lift your head up, wake up now.
Breathe in the surroundings of this new cloud.
We've lifted ourselves up,
somehow, to higher heights.
We'll never have to come back down

Keep it in your soul that your mind’s enrolled
with the world around you.
You’ve got to pay the toll.
You can feel the warmth that's jumping up from your toes.
The light will grow brighter with internal glow

Your soul will feel like a firefly.
Make a wish and then watch it fly by
through the peripheral of your third-eye.
Make a wish and then do, please, aim high.

Words of remembrance from a time that I once knew.
I hadn't a clue what I was supposed to do.
"Fill me up." I said, "Lift me up, because
I ain't going down with an empty cup.
Your life-line can be a part of mine.
We'll share the water, share the wine.
It's going down anytime,
so let's jump ship and leave this world behind.
Track Name: Internal Movements
Internal Movements

Internal movements,
can you feel me speak?
If I squeeze hard enough will I spring a leak?
I let your warm earth gently kiss my cheek,
as I close my eyes and listen for your silent heart beat.

Your silent heart beat.

I went down to the riverside
just to get myself away
From all the evil things this world has to offer;
this whole place has gone insane.
Well, I went down to the riverside
just to put my mind at ease,
and that’s when I realized that
--Oh Dear Lord!-- it’s not for me.

These words can mean everything if you feel the same,
they can turn out pointless if you give it a name.
You can sit in one spot and watch the world waste away,
as the rust settles into the metal we've created for our stay.

I found my mother
weeping out by the willow tree,
crying about all the changes in the sky,
although it was meant to be.
Well, I comforted my mother
and I said, “Dear Lady, I've got a hunch,
that once you've found your Mother Earth,
Father Time don’t mean so much."

Your words won’t fall upon empty ears,
those thoughts can’t be contained in a cage.
If it’s true that I’m wise beyond my years,
Than why do I feel so young for my age?
Some people complain they can’t afford the cost
of a love-life lived or a life-love lost.
Too many thoughts are left unsaid,
as all these words revolve inside of empty heads.

I met an old man once,
he didn't give a single damn about his health.
He said that “I don’t believe in a lot of things,
But I believe in myself.”
Well, he smiled at me, gave me a wink,
and said one of the smartest things I've ever heard, I think.
He said, “You've got to learn to love your self,
before you can even try to love anybody else.”

Yes, it’s true that a picture can be worth a thousand words.
Just like one egg can be worth a thousand birds.
All we need is just one disease to spawn a thousand cures.
In the end, one word can be worth a thousand pictures.
Track Name: Through A Different Lens
Through A Different Lens

Confined by a skeletal construct
that keeps my muscles moving,
with ligaments and "tendon-cies"
to pull back when struck at.

Though, the love, it surrounds me,
I am stricken and lonely
like the tree that falls victim to gravity,
but is heard by nobody at all.

And you’ll be so very happy
right where you fall.

Gentle hands cup this anchored heart,
the weight of such is unbearable.
My mind’s off running, but please,
don’t come tumbling after,
because I promise you,
you’ll never stumble faster
than when you jump without looking.

I fear I’m falling forward too fast for my feet to find the ground again,
confounded by momentum kept from motives only found in men.
I’m down to send a picture to you,
of me when I was ten,
so that you can see my inner-child smile
when viewed through a different lens

And I’ll look so very happy

I’ll know I've lost the ability to love when my tear-ducts lay empty,
dried up and shriveled where rivers used to strive
and project rippling shadows cast in the Sun’s holy image.
The dust, it will settle when true light has surfaced.
You’ll find that you,
to me my dear,
will remain absolutely perfect.
Track Name: Inner Mission
Inner Mission

Track Name: Backyard Of My Mind
Backyard Of My Mind

In the backyard of my mind
there lies this garden that died
the day that you decided to change the tide.
The day that you decided that you didn't need me
was the day I realized that I could clearly see
that the person you feel you can trust most in your life
is the one that can end up bringing you the most strife.
Well, I’m glad you've moved on, because I've moved on too,
but there are still feelings I have that I’ll always hold on to.
My first feelings of love... the first time we kissed...
are both memories that could never be dismissed.
They couldn't be forgotten even if I tried
and they linger with me, still, even after I died.
I woke up the next day to find that memories hide
On the other side of the fence in the backyard of my mind.

When a tree dies it leaves behind a seed
that eventually through time becomes another tree
that’ll grow to become bigger than the one it precedes,
but it still feeds off the same sustenance the other tree needs.
I've realized the key to life is death and rebirth;
it’s the thing that keeps all living things alive on this Earth.
The living eat the dead and the dead become the living,
and once you realize this you’ll find that death is life-given.
The commotion in my ocean of emotion is in motion.
The evolution of creation creates revolutionary explosion
of thought patterns and feelings, love, art, music, and healing.
Everything in between creates a human actually being.

I know our love will never be back on track,
but I lost my best friend that night and I want her back.
Why did I lose you, what the hell did I do?
I did nothing in that relationship but unconditionally love you.
This isn't a plea for love;
it’s a request for rekindled friendship
that went wrong one day,
because of some unforeseeable glitch.
If these words mean anything to you
then I guess that I’ll hear from you soon.
If not, I’ll just turn the other cheek and
I’ll see you on the "Dark Side of the Moon".
Track Name: You Wrecked Your Dome-Piece
You Wrecked Your Dome-Piece

In this long and winding road,
I’m reminded constantly
that in this small window of opportunity,
I’m testing the waters of my own mortality.

I don’t care;
I can see the end from here.

It’s all down hill;
I’m not saying that like it’s a bad thing at all,
but I’ll have you know
that I’ll be damn sure to watch out for those man-holes.

You wrecked your dome-piece,
but at least you didn't fuck up your pretty face.
You are too fast for this world;
you sped your way our into outer space.
A flash of silver and blue roll by you,
and then it disappears.
We’re stuck looking around and,
oh, how we all "Wish You Were Here".
Track Name: Entitled : Untitled
Entitled : Untitled

There once was a day
when all we could speak was the truth.
We’d whistle
with various hormonal tones,
but we could all hum the tune.
Now it seems as though
we've run out of words to sing to;
we sang them so clearly,
they were not our own.
Yet I held them so close to my heart
that they broke right through the breastbone.
"You may as well fillet my chest open,"
I said, "I will still stand,
naked and alone,
left with a false sense of gratitude
somehow owed to you.
And I've paid my dues,
but it would be my simple pleasure
if you could just sit down for tea.
Well, I brewed just enough for me,
but I don’t mind so much to be sharing
with someone so pretty.
So pretty...
this God Damn early in the morning.
Your eyes may be puffy and red,
but there’s not a single thing that could prevent them from glowing;
from showing me speckles of sunlight through freckles,
by sewing your shackles deep into the marrow of your ankles;
to tangle yourself in your very own burdens
and carry them proudly,
and wear them so loudly
that the birds can be heard
sad-singing your song,
long after your soul has moved on.
And it’s gone.
It moves like a mortar platoon
of electrically-charged,
blue-blooded balloons
clutching a kite-string
on a windy afternoon.
And soon
you’ll reach the sunset and turn around,
retracing your footsteps with relentless persistence
until it dawns on you,
and you’ll realize that you are beaming,
staring straight into the star-struck eyes
of yet another glorious sunrise.
Good Morning."
“Good morning,” she’ll say
Track Name: Homeless

Just lay down next to me. No need to speak.
Let's get lost in this game of hide-and-go-seek
Your lips touch mine and we become one.
Two souls intertwined under the burning Sun.

You make me feel like I don’t have a home,
other than the one that we share on our own.
Our little hideaway that nobody knows.
Let's plant our love here and we'll see what grows.

Mi amore, mi amore,
mi amore, mi amore.
You... You are the one for me
and my open door.

So close the door and turn out the lights.
Enveloping warmth-ness developing my delight.
Your lips touch mine and we become whole.
Two Earth-bound bodies wrapped around one beautiful soul.

You make me feel like I don’t have a home,
other than the one that we share on our own.
Our little hideaway that nobody knows.
Let's plant our love here and we'll see what grows.

Mi amore, mi amore,
mi amore, mi amore.
You... you are my love,
for we'll be together
just step into my open door.
Track Name: Like Mic.
Like Mic.

Mic. Mic. check, one-two.
I've got a simple song and I’m gonna sing it for you.
It goes Ooo Mic. check, one-two one-two.
I think I’ll sing it again...

Back when I was a wee tyke I wanted to "Be Like Mike".
I couldn't afford the Air Jordan’s, but that wasn't important.
I laced up whatever dilapidated kicks that I was sporting.
Then I grabbed my basketball and made a bounce for the door.
...And hit 13, became a skateboarding fiend.
I pounded the pavement till my toes
were literally busting through my shoe seams
Making hard-flips look easy and landing them clean,
I made a push for the hills until I rolled into a four-string.
Bass! Hit me right in the face,
but I couldn't stop chewing once I got that first taste.
I started popping, slapping,
then I grabbed a guitar,
cleared my throat, and started singing.

Now I’m like Mike
Mic check 1-2…..

I’m never coming down
from this funkadelic place that I've found.
It’s got a new sound and it comes fully equipped
with some good energy that makes it easy to vibe with.
And I’m never coming down
from this funkadelic place that I found.
It’s got a news sound and it comes fully equipped
with some pliable energy that’s righteous and vibrant.

So, I've been walking around the pocket a little bit.
I don’t get bored, man, I swear I’m a little kid.
Let’s build a fort. Let’s build a bridge.
Let’s build an empire where we all can sit,
real pretty, and sing an itty-bitty ditty.
We’re just having a good time,
but you don’t have to be all hippied out to feel
the way I feel;
you just need some good-lovin'
and a hearty meal.
Keep your mind off the negative when life gets real,
because those thoughts will surely tear you apart
if you let them congeal.
And always keep that music rocking.
When my brain gets to working too hard,
I let my fingers do the talking

Been taking baby-steps to make this sound complete,
got endless miles ahead of me,
but I can do it I my bare feet.
My prospects are prosperous,
as far as I can see.
I’m 26-years-old and exactly where I want to be.
Feeling pretty good about this path that I peddle:
I gotta lotta-bit of Funk and just a little bit of Metal;
I get bad with Jazz and I can drop some Hip-Hop,
with Acoustical fluency mixed with Classical congruency;
on a bad day I get a little Bluesy,
on a good day I light up a spliff and sing some Reggae;
I paid my toll to play this Rock 'n' Roll,
because I sing from the bottom of my heart
to the tips of my Soul.